Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ella goes to Preschool!

Our little miss Ella went off to her first day of preschool today. She was VERY excited. I was a little nervous just because of how poorly Aidan's first two weeks were at preschool drop off and how sad Ella had been at VBS this summer. But off we went!

What a pretty girl!

Showing off her new backpack. Its purple and has butterflies. Shocking that that is what she picked. ;)

With Miss Christy, the Director at Westview.

Ready to go in her room!

Getting her name-tag from her teacher Miss Shelley.

Backpack in cubby - check!

Off to the kitchen set to play!

One little picture with mom and she said we could go.

Then Ella had a fabulous time and my only problem was dragging Livi out of the classroom because she wanted to stay and play too!

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