Monday, September 5, 2011

Old Threshers

This weekend we were able to make it down to the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant. Aaron and I both remember going as kids and thought our kids would enjoy it as well.

Started off with some pony rides:

Then checked out A LOT of old tractors. Aidan wanted to know what year each of the tractors were made.

Livi was walking around with her hands in her pockets. I thought it was kind of funny. :)

Aidan always sticks his fingers in his ears because he hates loud noises and has conditioned his sisters to do the same.

Jail, where these little hoodlums belong. ;) Can you tell that Livi instantly started climbing the bars and wanted to see how high she could get?

At the end of the day the big kids got to drive a tractor. They LOVED it! Ella went with daddy:

Aidan went with Papa:

The kids even got little "licenses" to drive the tractor. It was a very cool thing and very well put together - and FREE! I think it was the highlight of their afternoon. :)

Such a fun afternoon. Thanks to Papa and Grammy for taking us to Old Threshers! And thanks to Paul and Karen for going with us and Karen taking the great pictures of the kids on the tractors and of course this great family photo. :)

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