Saturday, September 17, 2011

Princess Party!

This morning Ella and I went to a Princess Party at Jordan Creek. It was a fundraiser for Children and Families of Iowa sponsored by Panera Bread. I am so thankful my neighbor, Jill, told us about this event. Ella had a lot of fun and it was so great to see her face when she met all the princesses.

There were coloring sheets, princess hats and wands to decorate, little castles to decorate, and princess tattoos.

She got her nails and hair done. Nails were easy, but we tried the line for hair twice and barely got in before they closed it up for the day and the girls just curled her hair quick and stuck a crown on top. Next year I will try to get in the line for hair first, they seemed to be doing a nicer job at the beginning of the day and then Ella will have her pretty princess hair when she meets the princesses. And I will bring something to entertain Ella while we wait in line after line next time. :) Lessons learned.

Belle was the first princess Ella got to meet today. I love her little face. So excited, but a little nervous seeing all the princesses in person.

They gave all the little princesses little autograph books when we walked in the door. And all the Princesses had a glittery pen in the color of their dress to sign their name. How cute is that? Here is Jasmine signing Ella's book.

My favorite Princess today was Sleeping Beauty. Both because my Ella was dressed as Sleeping Beauty but also because this lovely Sleeping Beauty got down and gave my bear a big hug and spent some extra time talking to her and making her feel so special. Ella LOVED it!

Ella and I had a fun time and we were able to support a great organization. Thank you to all the people who donated their time and efforts to make the Princess Party a success. We will be back next year for sure!

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