Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yogurt/Pudding fun

The other day I was going to feed Livi some chocolate pudding. She has become very opinionated lately and wanted to feed herself. Which is fine, I need to let go and let her learn. But it is so hard when you know the end result is going to be this:

(Oh, and one of her siblings didn't finish their banana yogurt so she mixed that in with her pudding as well.)

Yeah, she got put in the kitchen sink and hosed off head to toe after this. :)
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Rochelle said...

I feel your pain on letting the 1 yr old eat independently. Jordan is equally messy and actually had 3 baths on Monday. A damp cloth just wasn't enough. :)

Anonymous said...

I know it must have been hard to sit back and watch her make such a mess but isn't it great at how much fun she was having and it's hilarious to see her covered in it. =D