Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water fun

Since I am still a little nervous about taking all three to a pool by myself, especially not knowing the layout of the pools down here, we spend a lot of time playing in our own "splash pad". I just fill up our little plastic pool, a couple of buckets, throw in some funnels, cups, paint brushes and let them, well, SPLASH!

Aidan got his dump truck out and Livi wanted to take a ride. It was really cute. He did a good job being careful with her.

Ella trying to handle the super soaker daddy borrowed from Uncle Brad.

Our newest addition to the splash pad. Hopscotch! This was only $5 at Target and if just the right height of sprinkler for these guys.

Livi and Ella LOVE painting with the water and paint brushes. Mostly the driveway and sidewalks, but sometimes Ella like to "paint" my toenails for me too.

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