Thursday, July 29, 2010

A bird is going to eat my rock!

Great title right? That is what Aidan was yelling at me this afternoon. You see that rock he is holding? Think a bird is going to eat that huge thing? It is the size of a bird!

Okay, I will back up a little. We went to a park this morning. Aidan found this big rock somewhere. I should have made him leave it, but it was not part of the landscaping, just a random large rock. And he LOVES rocks, so I let him keep it.

We get home and he brings it in the house and plops it on my nice cream colored chair. I say that the rock needs to live outside, and not be put on the furniture. He starts yelling that it can't go outside because birds will eat it. I am dumbfounded. I try to reason with him that no bird is going to eat that huge rock. He yells at me that birds do eat rocks, grandma told him so!

He yells at me telling me I am wrong and stomps outside. with his rock and his lunchable I was trying to get him to eat. He sits on the back deck sulking. I call my mom to find out what the story is behind this outburst. She tells me that he saw some birds alongside the road eating rocks and asked what they were doing. She explained about birds needing the rocks to help break down their food. I asked if she could please explain to him the size of the rocks these birds are eating and that they are NOT going to eat his rock which is roughly, 3 inches wide by 6 inches long and 2-3 inches thick. I take the phone outside to find that he is SITTING on the rock to protect it from these savage birds that eat giant rocks.

Grandma and Aidan have a little chat. And as she tells him exactly what I have already told him, he starts to actually believe his rock will be safe and pulls it out from underneath himself.

So, good thing grandma was available to be reached by phone because apparently mommy is not very believable. Crisis comes to an end. :)