Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some new things

One new thing: WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After 8 months of trying to keep the house spotless with three small children (IMPOSSIBLE!) and cleaning the house for countless showings, some with last minute notice (including the eventual buyers) - we have sold the house. The inspection is next Tuesday, so still praying that all goes well with that. And the closing is on March 26, so that means we have 30 days to find a new house that we love. That's doable right? :)

Second thing: Miss Olivia had her 9 month check yesterday. As the doc was checking her ears he was like, oh, she has an ear infection. Oh, a double ear infection. I was like "say what?!" See, my kids don't get sick. I have never purchased antibiotics for any of the kids. We get little colds, we have had the flu, but never something that requires medicine. Poor little bunny had bad ears and we didn't even know! She has had a runny nose the last couple weeks, but that is all! No fever, no fussing, no messing with her ears. The doc did say that if she was older the ears weren't bad enough to get medicine, but since she is still young and tiny for her age he wanted to treat it.

So that brings me to the second surprise of her check-up. She was 25 1/2 inches for height, which put her just under the 5th % , and she was 14 lbs. 14 oz, which was not even on the chart! I have a baby who is off the charts on the SMALL side this time. I guess Ella was always just average, and Aidan usually hung out around the 75-90% so he was never off the charts big. But what a little peanut the little bunny is!!!!! Doc wants her to start eating more food and nursing less, so we'll do that. He says to "chunk her up". I think she just wants to stay tiny for mommy so I can enjoy having a little baby for just a little longer. And so she can stay in her cozy warm car seat/carrier since we don't have a winter coat for a little person!

Here are some fun pictures from the last week:

Olivia pulling off the DVDs from the shelf. She seems pretty pleased with herself. :)

Ella came into the kitchen and was sitting just like Olivia. It was so cute I had to try to get a picture. Nice face Livi.

Giving Livi some loves.

Aidan and Ella were giving each other hugs and kisses yesterday. This is Aidan reacting to Ella's "slobbery kisses"

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