Sunday, February 7, 2010

A weekend in pictures

1. Ella was loving on Mason and making him smile, as she does with everyone! :)

2. Olivia also trying to love on Mason, he is not sure what to do with these girl cousins!

3. Grammy reading to Ella and Aidan today.

4. Olivia having fun with Papa. And aren't you LOVING her new headband as much as I do?!!!!!

5. Again, Olivia trying to get to Mason. This was at Hickory Park on Saturday. We were sitting at a corner and those cute babies sitting there got a LOT of attention from passers-by!

6. Most of my family making homemade pizza at Brad and Jenny's house. We were going to host everyone at our house, but got a call that a realtor wanted to show the house at dinner time so thankfully Brad and Jenny let us come over to their place!

7. Mason and Olivia. Mason has grown so much since last we saw him! I was curious to see how much he weighed now so we got out our digital scale and did the very scientific test of weighing me holding him and then weighing just myself and subtracting, and the little man was 14.2 pounds! I had done the same thing with Olivia a couple days ago and she was only at 15 pounds! They are about 3 1/2 months apart - Mason is quickly gaining on you Livi!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow Mason looks so big now compared to Livi! I thought that just seeing them next to each other this weekend, but he looks really big in the pictures. The camera must add 10 pounds...or 2 or 3 at least :)