Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aidan update

Just a quick update on Aidan. He had his second check-up with the eye doctor this afternoon. He is just such a big boy now. I am still amazed when he just climbs up into the big chair at the eye doctor (and at Great Clips today!). And then the doctor starts doing the exam and my heart sinks as Aidan tells the doctor even the biggest letters on the screen are still blurry for him with just his right eye.

So, this time the doctor is ordering an even stronger prescription for his right eye and we are supposed to patch his left eye for an hour a day to really make that right eye start working. Aidan seems excited to put the patch on and be like a pirate now, we'll see how it is when reality hits.

So that is where we are with his eyes. Hoping that he does as well with the patching as he has with the glasses, but unlike the glasses, everything is going to be blurry. So trying to think of activities he can be doing that it won't bother him as much for that hour. :)

Will have Olivia's weight check and ear check tomorrow, so have those updates tomorrow evening!

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