Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday the kids and I went up to enjoy a picnic lunch at VEISHEA with Nan, Emmett, Kim and Reagan since it was such a beautiful day. Today was supposed to be rainy with even thunderstorms, so I was happy to be able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday.

We still went up to the parade today and had a lot of fun, despite the 13-14 year old kid sitting next to us that wouldn't give Aidan a chance to go after most of the candy. He did share a piece with Aidan each time, but half the fun is scrambling to get it yourself. Don't worry, Aidan still got plenty of candy, I was just a little annoyed at the kid next to us. And it did sprinkle off and on during the parade, but nothing too bad. But since the forecast had been for rain all day once it started, we just headed back to Ankeny after the parade. I was more than a little miffed when it was sunny all afternoon and no rain or thunderstorms. Oh well. Maybe next year. The important thing is the kids had a good time, Aidan scored some candy, Ella scored a new red necklace, all is good. :)

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Tonya said...

I've never noticed what a pretty blue Ella's eyes are. You can really see it in these pictures.