Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday we did a couple of art projects on the back deck. Ella was totally into it, Aidan not so much. I was getting a little frustrated with him because I wanted to post about the projects on Simple.Messy.Fun! and he was totally not doing the projects as I had planned. Selfish mommy, I know. All he wants to do lately is use his scissors to cut paper into tiny little pieces. Then he chooses one piece of paper and wants to put tape or stickers on it. Then he wants to paint them. These things are literally the size of a quarter or smaller. And then he carries them around and gets really upset when he loses them. Which of course happens because they look like a little piece of crumpled up paper that should naturally be thrown in the trash. Anyway... the original point was I got a lot of cute pictures of Ella that I wanted to share, and one of Aidan painting one of his teeny tiny pieces of paper. Enjoy!

The many faces of Ella:

Look at my hands mama!

Aidan's little paper project

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