Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ultrasound Update

Everything looked great at the ultrasound this morning. Bunny Giraffe is still a little girl, weighing in at about 6 lbs 12 oz and the fluid level was 18 ? and the midwife said anything above 5 is good. So all was well. And both Aidan and Ella were sooooooo good during the ultrasound. They just sat quietly observing everything. I hate that we had to have it with the other ultrasound tech because she just doesn't let you see anything. We got to see an ear and the spine and that was about it. So no good pictures to show off. Oh well. We will meet the little miss in person here soon enough! I was 1 cm and 80 % but my midwife said not to have the baby for at least 48 hours because that is when they will have my group B strep test back.

Anyway, we are just happy that all looked great and now will just wait for this little girl to make her grand entrance!


Mary said...

That's great to hear. Glad everything went well. So do you guys have any names for the little one picked out yet? Can't wait to see pics of her. My little one will be a month old Thursday and that's very hard to believe. Seems like time has flown by.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear baby Bunny Giraffe is doing well!! I would prefer a six pound baby over a ten pound one anyday! As for names, I'm still thinking 'JJ' is perfect! :) ~Auntie Janelle