Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

For Easter weekend, we trekked down to Grandma and Papa Friedel's house. Saturday we were able to be outside a lot, which was awesome. Papa recently got a new lawn mower so Daddy and Uncle Brad had to check it out and drive it around the yard a few times. They parked it for a little bit and the kids had a fun time sitting on the tractor too. Aidan was not so much a fan of it while it was turned on (he hates loud noises-which is odd because he makes loud noises ALL DAY LONG!) but he loved making his own tractor noises while he was sitting on it. Go figure!

After their naps we looked outside to discover the Easter Bunny had been by and left a bunch of Easter eggs out in the yard. They both had a good time searching out all the eggs. Ella caught on to the game right away and went around with her little bunny basket picking up all the eggs she could find. At one point Ella dropped her basket and her eggs fell out. Aidan came over and helped her put them all back in her basket. I thought it was so sweet, but had visions of him in a few years picking those dropped eggs and putting them in HIS basket instead.
In their Easter baskets they found some kool-aid play dough and springtime cookie cutters, books, fun shaped crayons, chocolate bunny, puzzle, Cardinals hat for Aidan, sun dress and white hat for Ella. Apparently I did not get a picture of Ella in her hat or Aidan in his, but I did get a picture of Ella is Aidan's hat!

Outside they both enjoyed going for a wagon ride with Grandma and Papa.

Ella looked so pretty in her dress and tights. She had to add her necklaces though. She likes to accessorize already!

Our family photo. At first Aidan threw a fit about having his picture taken, but finally came around and we ended up with a decent shot of our family of four (with Aidan hiding our soon to be family of five!)

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Tonya said...

What a cute family!

sarahmmw said...

Very cute! Too bad we can't see the new little bean :) I still am waiting for at least one of pregnant Amy in all her glory! I saw a really cute pic that I am going to try to duplicate, if it turns out I will have to post it.

Rikki said...

Love the family photo!