Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aidan's Clifford Picture

If any of you have read my other blog, you might remember a post about Aidan drawing a picture of Clifford for IPTV. I was a bad mommy and forgot to send it in right away. That is until Dan Wardell of IPTV commented on my blog and said he couldn't wait to see Aidan's picture of Clifford. Well, of course I found the picture and had Aidan put the stamp on and put it in the mailbox. I was just sitting here wondering if they had it up on the website yet and they did! So if you want to see Aidan's Clifford picture click here. I think that should take you right too it. Aidan is very excited to see his picture on their website. :)

1 comment:

sarahmmw said...

What a budding artist!! Isn't nice to know that Simple.Messy.Fun! is getting such a following :)