Sunday, March 15, 2009

A few new firsts

So I have had cravings for Oreos lately - of course it had to be something completely unhealthy. Oh well. :) For snack the other day I thought I would share some with Aidan. I got him a glass of white milk and showed him how to take the cookie apart and dip it. Felt just like we were in an Oreo commercial. ;)

Think he liked it? :)

Yesterday we decided to go to the Des Moines Art Center to see Grant Wood's "American Gothic" which is on display there though the end of the month I believe. The Art Center has free admission, so if you live in the area, you might want to go check it out. It was kind of fun. For preschool age kids on up they have little I Spy cards you can check out from the desk to find things in certain paintings. They also have backpacks with activities you can borrow. We actually didn't take a look at those. Maybe next time.

Aaron and I thought it was neat to see "American Gothic", and there was a Monet and a Georgia O'Keeffe there as well. Too bad I have forgotten everything I learned in my college art history class. The kids did really well for the most part. When we walked into the first gallery Aidan almost went right through the little wire fence they have to keep you away from the walls. I wasn't expecting him to do that, but quickly fixed it and was talking to him about the rules of the art center when two Art Center people came over and were talking sternly to the poor 3 year old telling him not to touch the wire. I was thinking "Seriously people, at least address the parent, don't scare the crap out of the young child. He didn't do it on purpose and he did not hurt anything." Plus, I was obviously taking care of it. Oh well. Lesson learned and we moved on.

The rest of the time was pretty fun and we were actually there for a little over an hour, a lot longer than we thought the kids would make it. At the end we sat in the lobby and I had Aidan draw me a picture in his art journal about what he had seen that day. Then he had a little fit and had to be carried out because he was not ready to leave. It was lunch time and both kids actually fell asleep on the ride home. All in all a fun new experience for our family. AND FREE!

Then last night Aaron found Empire Strikes Back on t.v. and started educating his children on the wonderful world of Star Wars. When Yoda came on Ella could not stop giggling. It was too cute!

So those are a few of the new things going on at the Friedel house. :)
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Rochelle said...

I heartily approve of the Oreos!