Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An observation

I just noticed something the other day. Whenever I ask Ella to go get a sock she has lost from the other room, she goes immediately to the other room, finds it and brings it back to me. Takes her about 30 seconds. Keep in mind this child is only 15 months old and has very little vocabulary so far, but understands everything perfectly.

Now Aidan on the other hand, if I would ask him to to go get something from the other room, he would only occasionally be able to find it. Most of the time I will have to go into the room, locate it myself and then try to give him verbal directions to find it. Then I will point right at it and give the verbal directions. Then I will just give up and pick it up myself. So frustrating! He is 3 1/2 and has MANY MANY MANY MANY words, never stops talking, in fact.

So my question is this: Is this a boy/girl thing? Or is it a Friedel boy thing/Friedel girl thing? Because, another part of the equation is Amy = Ella and Aaron = Aidan. Aaron often has a hard time finding things, then I will walk right over to it and hand it to him.

Anyway, just a little observation I wanted to share. :)


Rochelle said...

Oh that is funny!

Based on MY observations ... this is not limited to the Friedels. :)

sarahmmw said...

I have the same issue with Connor!! We bought Shark Tale today and he brought it in to the kitchen, set it on the counter and then we had lunch. After lunch he wanted to go watch his, "new movie" I said, "Connor, where is it?" He turned and said, "huh?" I pointed to it on the counter, he looked behind him....it took awhile and finally I put my finger on it and then he said,"oh" took it and headed downstairs! I think it's a boy thing :)