Monday, September 15, 2008

Aidan turns 3: A week long celebration

Aidan turned 3 last Monday, September 8. Hard to believe our little guy is already three years old. It turned into a week long celebration because we did some fun things on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. On his actual birthday (Monday) I took the kids down to Jordan Creek to play in the play area, which he loves. Aaron met us for lunch and then Daddy bough him some ice cream from Coldstone and we sang "Happy Birthday". After dinner we also gave him his presents from Mommy and Daddy.

Two of his presents from mom and dad: a little broom (he always wants to help me sweep the kitchen - I thought I would take the help while he is still offering!) and a new baseball bat and ball.

Then on Wednesday we went up to Hickory Park and to the ISU vs UNI volleyball game. We thought it would be a fun opportunity to expose the kids to ISU culture. And of course we had to have the nice servers at Hickory Park sing to him. He wasn't too sure of it while they were singing, but he has talked about it and sang the song the rest of the week. I think he liked it. :) The game was good too (Panthers won). Ella and Aidan both seemed to enjoy it and were so good the whole time. Aidan really liked the pep band and anytime we got to clap or cheer ("POINT CYCLONES!"). Aidan wore his new ISU t-shirt. It is so cute. It has a baby Cy in an over sized football jersey and helmet and under the picture it says, "Hold on Cyclones! I'm coming!". So cute. Even cuter when Aidan is the one telling you what the shirt says because he memorized it. :)

Blowing out his candle on his Hickory Park sundae.

Then on Sunday, everyone (minus poor Uncle Chris out in Denver) came to our house to help us celebrate. We all had a good time so I hope the rest of the family did too. Aidan received a ton of fun gifts and is loving every one of them. When he is not scanning all his new food with his new cash register and scanner, he is outside playing in his new sand and water table. I think we are going to take the BIG dump truck over to the park tomorrow since it is supposed to be so nice out. Can't wait to see him play with it.

This year I attempted to make his birthday cake on my own. Aunt Emilie of Aunt Em's Cakes was on her honeymoon this week so I tried to swing something myself. I am not much of a baker at all, not good at making things look nice, but I tried my best. Not sure if you can tell from the picture but it is supposed to be a Triceratops. All I really wanted was for Aidan to know what it was, but he called it a rhinoceros. :( In my defense it was not quite done when he wanted to see it the first time, and then he got rhinoceros in his head and kept calling it that. Oh well. It tasted okay and wasn't bad for my first attempt at cake decorating.

So excited about his stash of presents behind him!
He also got to go in the morning and pick out his balloons with Daddy. He chose Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E (the two movies he has seen in a theater)

Aidan in his birthday hat and his dinosaur cake.

Thank you to everyone who helped Aidan celebrate his 3rd birthday! He really like all the messages he received either through e-mail, text message, Hallmark e-card or phone call. It was so fun to watch him this year because he really understood that it was HIS special day. :)
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