Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Introducing Donny and Emilie Rappenecker

What a beautiful couple. What a wonderful weekend. What fun all around!

Aaron's sister, Emilie, married Donny on Saturday, September 6. Everything was so nice. And Donny and Emilie were so happy. Just try to get them to stop smiling. :)

Everyone in my family had a special role to play. Aaron was a groomsman, Aidan was a ring bearer, Ella was the honorary flower girl, and I was Emilie's personal attendant. I have been nervous since Emilie asked as to how Aidan would react and what he would cooperate with. In preparation we talked a lot about everything that was going to happen during the weekend, read books about weddings, and asked him lots of questions to make sure he was getting it. I was pleasantly surprised. He put on his tux, let Judy put his boutonniere on, took a few informal pictures, walked down the aisle with a smile on his face, and then danced the ENTIRE night away. He did not cooperate with formal pictures and tried to walk back up the aisle to go see Aunt Carrie (but he couldn't make it around Emilie's train - luckily he didn't scream when I picked him up and walked him to Aunt Carrie along the outside aisle), but those were the only negatives he had all day. He even kept up with his potty training all day amongst all the business.

What a pretty little flower girl.
Check out her tricked out walker!

Aidan was a dancing fool. I know Aaron posted some of the video, but here are some pictures as well. He was literally on the dance floor the entire night. Just a short break for dinner and to grab a drink of water later in the night. I made him go to the bathroom toward the end of the dollar dance, told him we would go super fast so he wouldn't miss any fast songs. As he was in the middle of doing his business "Cotton Eye Joe" came on, he stopped peeing, jumped up, and started shouting "Fast song! Fast song!" I pulled his pants up, washed his hands quick and he RAN out of the bathroom straight back to the dance floor. Too funny!

I love my beautiful little family

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Anonymous said...

You should have seen the black hornet on his mad dash from our end of the dance floor. The minute we heard the "fast" music we all started looking for Aidan. He didn't disappoint us as he flew around people and fountains to get on the dance floor. MOM