Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun with Paint

Nan and Kim will be so proud of me. This art project was inspired by something they did with the toddlers at the center many years ago. Granted, I only had two kids and I did it outside, but we still had lots of fun!

I had read somewhere that newspapers always have extra rolls of paper because when they finish a printing and they don't have enough left on the roll to complete the next day's paper, they will change to a new roll. Then they don't have to bother with it in the middle of a printing. Now I happen to have an inside source (my sister works at a newspaper) but apparently you could call your local paper and see if they sell the rolls for a buck or two. It is a ton of paper and so fun because it is wider than anything you can get at the store, plus you can make it as long as you want. Anyway, that is my frugal paper tip for the day. :) Now to the project!

I just rolled out the paper on the driveway, taped it down with masking tape, had Aidan choose 3 colors of paint, put the paint on paper plates, and let them go to town! Ella of course wasn't sure what to do and slipped a little bit with the paint on her feet (she just started walking) but Aidan was having a blast! As Ella kept wandering off to try to put rocks in her mouth, Aidan kept getting out different paint colors, walking around, painting with his hands, totally loving the whole experience. Ella at one point picked a plate up and put it upside down on her head, so if you notice in the bottom right hand picture her hair is red and orange. Even though I knew it was washable paint I still started to worry I had made a bad decision, as we are having our pictures taken on Saturday! I started having visions of taking paint stained kids to the photo shoot. No worries, one bath later, all paint gone.

Parting shot of Ella. So cute!

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Eric & Karen said...

oh my goodness! Too funny! It has been awhile since I've sneaked a peek in on what you've been up to!