Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Stair Climber

So Ella has learned another new skill - climbing stairs. Last night Aaron had softball up in Ames so I was at home alone with the kids at bedtime. I went up to give Aidan a bath and left Ella in the living room. I came back out a couple minutes later and she was up on the third step!!!! Then this morning I blocked off the steps with two kitchen chairs while I took a shower and the little stinker went to the side of the first step and climbed up on top of it. Before we went to Target this morning I ran upstairs to use the bathroom and while I was washing my hands I heard Aidan (who was sitting at the top of the steps) say, "Good job Ella! You did it all by yourself!". She was just reaching the top step. Good grief!!!! Someone needs to remind the girl she is only 7 months old and does not need to have these skills yet!
She showed off her new climbing ability for daddy this evening and we got some pictures. Enjoy!

"Yeah Ella! You did it all by yourself!"
(This exclamation is especially cute coming from Aidan. We apparently praise him with those words a lot because now he says it to himself after he finishes a puzzle, climbs up a difficult ladder at the park, etc. We thought it was fun that he then recognized what an accomplishment it was for Ella to climb the stairs and praised her for it.)

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