Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

We spent our 4th of July over at Brad and Jenny's house in Waukee. They had a parade in the afternoon, then we stayed and watched part of the Cardinals - Cubs game before heading over to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and then fireworks. We had a great time all day.

Aidan really liked the parade, though he kept calling it the Tulip Time parade. He started getting into all the candy they tossed out. At first he was just sitting in his chair clutching the first couple of suckers he got. But as more and more kept coming he finally got the idea to put them in his plastic bag. We told him to catch the candy so he held his arms out like he does when he is catching a ball. So cute.

Ella got a sucker too (wrapper was still on).

Then we made our way home to Brad and Jenny's house. I couldn't resist taking this picture of Jenny and Aidan holding hands.

We played around at their house for the rest of the afternoon and watched the game. You can see who Ella was cheering for. :)

Ella crawled over to the back door and was watching Uncle Brad at the grill. He came over and they were matching their hands through the glass.

Sadly the game did not end in our favor and Aidan fell asleep right before the fireworks started. I should have made an effort to get a nap for him, but he was just going so good all day, right up until he got all cozy in Aunt Jenny's lap to watch the fireworks. :)
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