Sunday, June 29, 2008


This morning we had both children baptized at our church. We were excited yet anxious to see how both children, but more specifically Aidan, would behave and react. During the church service we went up front with the other four families so the church community could make their commitment to the children. Aidan did pretty well. He kept talking to me and said he wanted to go back down and sit. I thought for sure I was going to lose him and he would flip out, but I distracted him just enough by talking about all the instruments from the band that were right behind us.

After the church service we went up front for the baptism ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony and Pastor Mike did a great job. He was so good with Aidan and really explained as well as you can to a two-year-old what was happening. Aidan just watched him with a kind of unsure grin on his face. (Afterwards he kept talking about "passenger" - apparently what he thinks we are saying when we say Pastor Mike - "passenger put water on Aidan's head!") He also took the time to talk about each child's name and what it means.

Afterwards we all came back to our house for lunch, but found that the power was out in our neighborhood. Fortunately we had planned on grilling anyway and it was a beautiful, sunny 75 degrees so it was very comfortable in the house (the power finally came back on right after everyone left).

Aaron and I were very happy with the entire day. Aidan and Ella were so good during church, the baptism and all day long. We are very thankful that Grandma and Papa Friedel, Grandma and Papa Van Sickel, Aunt Carrie, Justin, and Great Grandma Bradley were able to share this special day with us.

Standing up front during the church service in front of hundreds of people. Not my favorite thing, but no one tripped or cried or anything!

Ella cuddling mommy between church and baptism

Pastor Mike talking to Aidan about baptism and what he was doing with the water.

Pastor Mike talking about the meaning of Ella's name

What a beautiful family we have! I am a little biased of course. :)

Ella playing with Papa Van's tie after the ceremony.
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