Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aidan's Adventure to Mediapolis

The last few days Aidan has been on an adventure to Grammy and Papa Friedel's house in Mediapolis. We met Grandma and Aunt Emilie in Williamsburg on Wednesday and they took him home until Friday evening when they came back to Ankeny. It sounds like they had a fun couple of days. Aidan had a lot to tell us about when he got home Friday night. It had been so quiet in the house without my little chatterbox around, but he more than made up for it when he got home and told us all about his adventures. Here are some pictures to help tell his story...

He went to the library and they found one of his favorite books that we have been reading from the Ankeny library, Clara Caterpillar.

Aidan had a great time playing in the yard. Running around the gardens, smelling the flowers, and playing baseball and frisbee.

He went to his second movie in a theater, Kung Fu Panda, with Grandma. He really liked it.

Then he went to visit Aunt Emilie at work. He is showing her his new Kung Fu Panda book he got after the movie.

Making homemade ice cream with Papa for Aunt Emilie's wedding fireworks celebration in a couple of weeks.

Quality control taste testing the homemade ice cream with Judy.

Teaching Judy some moves he learned from Kung Fu Panda.

Helping grandma water the flowers with his special elephant watering can.

He helped grandma make these. He looks so proud doesn't he?

Until next time...
...once Grammy and Papa are rested up to take on a 2 year old again!

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