Thursday, July 31, 2008

Balloon Festival

We had a great time last night down in Indianola. They are having the annual hot air balloon festival this week so we took the kids down. We got there right as the balloons were taking off and then after they had cleared the field the other half came from behind us to land on the field. Then we got to watch all the balloons inflate and go out onto the field to check them out closer. Aidan didn't want to get too close as it is a little intimidating to an almost 3 year old with all that fire around. But he really liked watching them from a distance. There was even a space shuttle one, which you can see a little of in the picture behind me and Ella. He said it was Rocket and asked where the Little Einsteins were. :) Ella of course was happy as could be smiling at everyone and pulling herself to stand at Aidan's legs. He was so enthralled with all the balloons he didn't seem to really notice. Then we listened to a band play, Tall Guys with Guitars or something like that. They played some fun music, including the "Amy" song. I was like, "Aidan! It's my song! It's Amy. That's mommy's song." So then all the rest of the songs he kept saying, "Where's Aidan's song? That's Aidan's song!" When it got dark they had the night glow and had the whole crowd say, "1,2, 3 GLOW!" and they all blew the flames at the same time. Aidan was playing today with his blocks which had become "hot air balloons" and kept saying, "1,2,3 GLOW!" So cute!
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