Friday, August 1, 2008

Swim Lessons

Aidan had his first swim lessons this week! Monday and Tuesday he did awesome. He was excited to be there and practiced blowing bubbles in the water, putting his whole face in the water, doing front and back floats, etc. He loved jumping from the side of the pool into the water and got so comfortable doing it he was just jumping without waiting for me to catch him. That is until he went all the way under once and the next two days he wanted me to be holding his hands when he jumped in. Wednesday and Thursday were not quite as smooth. He became Obstinate Aidan and wouldn't practice anything we had done the first two days. He just wanted to walk around and do his own thing in the water. So on the bright side he is very comfortable in the water, but on the negative, he was uncooperative. Oh well. It was our first experience with swim lessons and I am glad we did it. A big THANK YOU to Uncle Brad and Grandma Van for helping take care of Ella this week so I could go to swim lessons with Aidan. I really appreciate it!!!!!

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