Friday, July 18, 2008

A trip to the dentist

Today I took Aidan to my dentist appointment. Last time my hygienist had suggested I bring him and he could see what they do and they could maybe count his teeth. Just little things to start getting him comfortable with the dentist. I was pretty apprehensive because he is such a wild card and you never know how he will react to things. Which is typically not that big of a deal, but what was I going to do if he flipped out and I was all alone in Ames and still needed to get my teeth cleaned. Luckily everything went really well. He decided he wanted to go with me, we talked about what was going to happen the whole way up to Ames and he had his little backpack stuffed with little things to keep him occupied.

He sat so nice in the waiting room - we looked at a Highlights magazine and played with the toys. When they called my name I almost thought I was going to lose him, but he stayed calm and followed me down the hall to the room. Christy, my hygienist, got a little stool for him to sit on and he just sat down and watched everything. She did a great job talking to him about what tools she was using and what she was doing. After she was done cleaning my teeth he came and sat in my lap. She got him a mirror and had him hold the little mirror they put in your mouth, had him open up and she counted his teeth. He also let Dr. Joe, my dentist, count his teeth.

He did so awesome. Granted it wasn't a full teeth cleaning or anything but it was a great first dental experience and I couldn't be happier. Christy gave him a new pencil, a happy face tattoo and a new Winnie the Pooh toothbrush, which he proudly showed off when he got home!

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