Friday, June 6, 2008

Water, Tornado and a Crawler

What an eventful 24 hours. Last night we had our first tornado siren at 10:30 p.m. and had to take the kids down to the basement. Ella stayed fast asleep and Aidan was so groggy he fell back to sleep as soon as Aaron took him back to his room. Thankfully about 2 minutes after we got downstairs they canceled the tornado warning so we were not down there for very long. The storm changed somehow and was not as threatening as they first thought. But then this morning we woke up to water in the basement. Always a good time. Hopefully not too much more will seep in. There is still a little bit of water in the backyard where it always pools. Praying for at least a day or two of no rain, but doesn't look like it at the moment. What can you do? :(

The other development at our house is that a very capable crawler has emerged. She started crawling much longer distances last night and today she is all over the place! As you can see by Aidan's expressions, he is not very fond of this new skill of Ella's. :)

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