Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just stay little Ella

So now, not only is my little girl crawling (not all over the place yet, but she has the motion down and can get where she wants) but she has decided she can pull herself into a standing position. Little stinker is growing up too fast! I was looking forward to a couple months of her just being happy sitting up and staying in one place like Aidan did. He didn't crawl til 8 1/2 months - she is just over 6 months!

This past weekend we went over to the wooden playground at Big Creek after church. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and had fun watching Aidan explore the entire structure. He also really enjoyed his first ride on a tire swing. It was such a beautiful day and we were glad we got to enjoy it! Hope everyone else enjoyed the sunny weekend before all this rain came!

What? Am I not supposed to be standing up yet?

But it's so much fun!

Push me on the swing Daddy!

This is fun! I like tire swings!

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