Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our weekend

Not a lot going on in the Friedel house this weekend. We had planned to go to VEISHEA for the parade, but with the snow on the ground and the 33 degree temperature, it just didn't seem like it would be that fun to sit outside for 2 hours. So instead, what did we do? Went to the zoo! I know, it makes no sense. They have an indoor Discovery Center at Blank Park Zoo so we walked through there. Unfortunately, Aidan has 2 new fears. He is afraid of elevators (he will go in them, but he wants mommy to pick him up), and thunder/lightning. In the Discovery Center they have a few fish from the Amazon and have a flashing light and thunder sound recording above it. He would not go near it or any of the exhibits near it where he could hear the thunder. Aaron and Aidan braved the outside and went to see the sea lions, tigers, bald eagles, llamas and goats. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so he can see his beloved giraffes again.

Aidan is really starting to enjoy Ella so much more these days. She loves to watch everything he does and he is usually more than happy to oblige her interest with a song or making funny faces at her. The other night I was blowing bubbles on her tummy and he wanted me to pick him up so he could do it to. As you can see, she really liked that!

Last night Aidan came into our room in the middle of the night talking about jellyfish. Not sure if he was dreaming about the jellyfish from the zoo, or the ones Marlin and Dory encounter in Finding Nemo. He just kept saying something about jellyfish. I know, not a great story. Perhaps had it not been 4:00 in the morning I could have remembered exactly what he had been saying. ;)

Today he spent a large portion of his day building roads with the blocks Uncle Chris made him. He would get frustrated if his road had to end because a piece of furniture, or Daddy, happened to be in his way. Some furniture, like his train table, he could move. Others, like the TV ("Daddy, move the TV, please") we had to say no to. Then of course, once the road was built to his satisfaction, all his cars had to take a test drive on it. This obviously caused a major traffic jam as he has about 10,000 cars!

Until next time...

I'm gonna blow bubbles on your tummy Ella!

Aidan, that tickles!
Exploring the Discovery Center at Blank Park Zoo

There appears to be a traffic jam on the Aidan Expressway

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Anonymous said...

Aidan sure is OCD about those cars and blocks. Grandma V better get more cars and blocks;we definitely have enough letters for the master road builder.
Grandma V.