Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aidan LOVES Puddles

Aidan absolutely loves splashing in puddles. He will find any tiny little puddle of water and splash in it. This makes getting in and out of the house or going to the stores a test of patience on mommy's part. The other day we stopped and got him some boots so we don't need to worry about drying out his tennis shoes every night. Then Aidan, Ella and I went for a walk when the skies cleared after a full day of rain. Aidan had a blast! I couldn't decide which picture to use so I had to make 2 collages. We also met some ducks on our walk. "Hello Mr. Duck. How are you Mr. Duck?" He is so funny!

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Anonymous said...

Puddle boy's mom should maybe invest in a pair of hip waders. Sorry he still dislikes thunder, that first storm of the season sure got his attention.
Grandma V