Saturday, April 19, 2008

A fun week

We had a good week. On Tuesday we spent most of our day outside, even walked over to a new park that we had not explored last summer. Aidan really liked it. That is, until a Girl Scout group came to have their meeting and suddenly there were about twenty 7-8 year old girls taking over the playground. We'll have to go there again for sure. It was a nice little workout for me pushing that stroller all the way over!

Wednesday Grandma and Papa Van Sickel came to visit for the afternoon. As you can see, Ella really enjoyed her alone time with Grandma while Aidan was taking a nap. We had a very good time as always. Hopefully we will get to visit again soon. I do have to apologise to mom about the cookies apparently. No one in my house, including Aidan, really likes raisins, but mom had been nice enough to bring raisin cookies. I had her take them home with them so they wouldn't go to waste. But the rest of the evening Aidan kept saying, "Where Aidan's raisins? Grandma took 'em!" with a pathetic sad face. I can't win!

Thursday we were pathetic bums and did not leave the house the whole rainy day. I never even got the kids out of their pajamas! :) It was a good day to just curl up and cuddle and watch a movie though.

Friday we went to the mall with Mommy's friend Nan and her son Emmett. We had a good time visiting, the boys had fun in the play area and Aidan did an awesome job being a big boy all day. Especially since he only had 2 five minute naps on the way down and back. Then my friend Kim stopped at our house for a little bit with her daughter Reagan. We had fun visiting with them as well. Aidan liked "talking" to Reagan much like he "talks" to Ella in their small baby coos and babbles and squeals.

After dinner Aidan just started singing a song to Ella. I should preface this song with the fact that we just make up silly songs sometimes that make no sense, but some of them we actually repeat again. Aidan had apparently been paying attention whenever Aaron sang this gem to Ella, "Ella Bear, Ella Bear. Everybody loves Ella Bear. She is so cute. She likes to toot. Everybody loves Ella Bear!" It was so funny to hear Aidan just randomly sing the whole song out of the blue!

We also had a little complication in communicating with Aidan last night. He kept on telling daddy he wanted "insiments". Aaron sent him to me so I could try to decipher when he wanted as I can usually figure it out. But I just couldn't think of what he was asking for. I asked Aidan to show me what he was talking about, but he just got a puzzled expression on his face as he tried to figure out what else he could say to make me understand. Finally he said "sticks" for drum sticks and I was like "Oh, INSTRUMENTS!" I just felt so bad it took me so long to figure it out and his poor little face was getting so sad that his mommy and daddy couldn't understand him when he clearly knew what he was saying!

I left him alone downstairs for 2 minutes while I went to change Ella's diaper. We came back downstairs to find him asleep, curled up on the steps. Silly Aidan.

Playing with Grandma Van

Happy Ella

"I playing my drums! I love my insiments!"

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Anonymous said...

I knew what 'insiments' was before Dad even finished the story. It's perfectly clear for a boy who loves making music. Might've heard the word when he stayed with us. Love the drum picture. MOM

Anonymous said...

Raisin and Chocolate cookies will both return to Ankeny soon. MOM