Sunday, April 6, 2008

Funny kids

Last week Aidan, Ella and I went to my parent's house Sunday through Tuesday. (Carrie has Sundays and Mondays off so she always misses out on seeing the kids much when we usually visit on a weekend). So I decided my schedule looked pretty open ;) and we headed over to Cedar Rapids for a couple of days. We had a lot of fun. I even was able to go to a movie with Carrie one evening after the kids went to bed. It was so nice to feel like Amy for two hours, not just Mommy.

Hanging out with Papa Van and Aunt Carrie

I swear he spent 2 hours rearranging those blocks on the table. We thought he was trying to get them to form a rectangle with all the blocks touching, but he let me help him do that and then he just kept rearranging. Oh well. It kept him entertained at least! Notice in particular that the little people are also all facing in the same direction. OCD or just a toddler exerting control and order in his environment? Hmmmmm....

This is what they do a lot now. I have to try to get some video of it. Ella will coo and Aidan will turn around and try to make the same noise back at her. Then they both crack up giggling and continue doing that for several minutes. It is hilarious! Ella thinks Aidan is just so fun and Aidan is really starting to enjoy her a lot more as well.

So happy to be outside again! Yeah Spring!!!!

Ella's first ride in a swing. I think she likes it!

Aidan getting an assist from Daddy

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Chris said...

Sad face to be missing out on all that:( Third interview went well at this one place, should hopefully be getting job offer in next couple of days