Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our garden!

So we are attempting a garden this year. Long, long ago, I vaguely remember helping at least a little with mom's garden, but I really have no clue what we are doing. But we are trying it!

Aaron put together this pretty little raised bed for us because we have learned that we have no soil, only clay in our yard. Aidan was VERY excited to plant our garden. Can you tell? :)

He was with Aaron the whole time working on planting the seeds and held the little box of sticks we used to label where the plants were.

Ella was not quite as interested, but still wanted to plant a few seeds.

Livi did plant one potato, but then kept trying to go to the front yard so she could ride Ella's scooter. Oh this child, such a good listener she is. :( Not opinionated or stubborn or feisty or anything. But she was kind of cute riding the big scooter, so I took a picture.

We'll hopefully keep you updated on our garden's progress, if there is any. Fingers crossed! :)

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