Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt

So I found this idea on a blog I read. It already had these cute little clues all put together and was generic enough anyone could use it. I printed it out and hoped the kids would think it was fun. THEY DID!

Aidan and Ella were read a clue by daddy and then raced around Grandma and Grandpa Van's house searching for the next clue. There are 8 clues in all and we ended with the baskets being on Grandma and Grandpa's bed (only place they usually don't wander into!)

So much fun to see their little eyes light up as they figure out the clue and rush to the next location and find it. :) Little Livi sleepy-head was still asleep so she missed out, but will hopefully join the fun next year, because we will definitely have to do that again! :)


Kim said...

Haha! We did the same thing! The kids loved it too! What was even more fun was Jayden could read the clue. Next year, Aidan will be able to do that! I so much like this way of finding the loot! We had about 9 clues I think. I had them running up and downstairs! So fun! And more funny we both did the same thing without talking about it!

Happy Home Fairy said...

I'm glad you liked the Scavenger Hunt. :-)

mary said...

Very cute. I wish I could of taken pictures of the kids this year and everything, but with me being laid up that just didn't happen. Cute idea Amy!! :)