Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny Story

At least looking back on it it is funny. Aidan has just come home from spending a couple of fun days with Grandma and Grandpa Van. Unfortunately he has been making some very bad choices since we got home. Bossing his sister, disobeying mom and dad, etc.

Well, at some point he decided he is going to go outside. We say no, as it was about 2 minutes until we were going to get them ready for bed. This turned into a huge screaming fit by Aidan and his sandals needing to be put on top the fridge where he can't reach. He still fought Aaron and tried to get a chair to climb up, but finally gave up. He went up to his room, we thought to try to calm himself down.

Nope! He comes down about 2 minutes later with socks on his feet, stands on the stair landing and says, "You can't stop me now!" and runs to the mudroom to find his tennis shoes.

We try really hard to stifle our laughter at our bold little hooligan. Luckily his tennis shoes are still packed in the duffel bag from his adventure. He tries to put on his boots. Mommy then puts him in timeout in the corner of the mudroom, and he screams for awhile before finally calming down.

Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. I had to share his little outburst and problem solving skills with you all though. :)

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