Friday, June 11, 2010

The children this week

We started this week with Aidan staying in Cedar Rapids with Grandma and Papa Van. Monday soon turned into phone calls to the doctor to try to get them to look at his leg. He had been bitten by something Friday afternoon at the park and it just kept swelling, was hot to the touch and was starting to bother him when he walked. We were able to get in Monday afternoon, but that meant Aidan and grandma needed to drive from CR to Ames, and I needed to meet them up there. It turned out to be a spider bite that was slowly getting better with the help of some benedryl we had been giving him, but the doctor also gave him some antibiotics just to be safe and prevent any staph infection. His leg is much better today, a week after the bite. The bite mark is still there with just a little bit of red around it. Hopefully he does not get bit by that spider again, and hopefully he doesn't follow Peter Parker's fate.

Olivia was having a little treat of pudding on Monday. She was NOT liking me feeding her with the spoon, so she grabbed it and finished it off herself. My baby is growing!!!!

Ella, who NEVER takes a nap unless she falls asleep in the car, told me she was tired. She says this sometimes, but never actually falls asleep. I told her she could go lay down. I look over not two minutes later and she has asleep, on a cushion in this little house that we have. Sooooo cute. I was mean and woke her up though. If she naps even a little bit, she is up til 10:00 or later. She seemed fine with her 5 minute re-charge though. :)

Crazy storm cloud approaching on Thursday.

Our big boy, with his new big boy summer hair cut. Done by daddy this morning. I think it turned out pretty good and am happy that he won't be so sweaty this summer with his big mop of hair. (Don't worry Carrie, it will be long grown back by the wedding!) He doesn't actually like it very much and keeps asking if his hair is growing back yet. I told him not to worry. As fast as his hair grows it will probably be back to normal in two weeks!

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Chris said...

Love the haircut!

Rochelle said...

The haircut is awesome. He looks so grown up. And kind of like a completely different boy! He looks tough.