Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little updates

Oh Ella, my Ella. How I love you. She went to visit Grandma and Papa Van last week for a few days, and though it was very quiet around here without her and Aidan bickering, we missed our sassy, giggly little miss.

Imagine this little cutie above, but with pink sunglasses with star sparkles walking around Target today. Yes, she wore her sunglasses the whole time we were in Target. :)

Ella actually has two new skills. I am proud to say she is a fully potty trained little girl now. She runs to the bathroom yelling, "Mama, I got to go potty!". I am so excited about this! She has not had an accident in the past 7 days, except for one time when Grandma tried to carry her upstairs to her little pink potty and she wanted to do it herself. And then today she ran in and went potty all by herself cause mommy was on the phone and she didn't tell me. But forgot to pull her pants down. But I don't think those count. ;) Yeah Ella!

She is also LOVING doing puzzles. Two weeks ago she could have cared less and could barely put together a four piece puzzle. She started showing some interest before going to Cedar Rapids, and was putting together 6 and 9 piece puzzles. But she had a lot of fun putting together 24/25 piece puzzles at grandma and papa's house so I have been getting different ones out for her here. She loves it. She will sit and work on it until she gets the whole thing put together and is getting better and better. I LOVE that my kids love puzzles so much.

While Ella was putting her puzzle together Aidan was helping Livi on her new little bike she got for her birthday. They were having a lot of fun!

I hope everything made sense in this post. I nursed Livi for the last time last night so I am celebrating with a little mudslide tonight and am starting to feel the effects. :) 5 1/2 years of being pregnant or nursing the kids certainly has earned me this yummy little treat, right? ;)
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