Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aidan's eyes

Just a quick update from Aidan's eye doctor appointment today. Since we have been going he has only been able to read the largest "E" on the chart when using only his right eye. Today, he was able to read several letters on the next size smaller. He read all of the straight line letters (Z and N) and got a few more (P, S, F, A) and guessed at V (he said Y) and G (he said O). But all of it was so very exciting for me to hear! It has been so disheartening to go in every month and have him not be able to see or read anything smaller than the big E. So to hear him reading all of those letters was just pure joy. I know it is a baby step, but it is a baby step in the right direction and all those hours he is putting in with wearing his patch are really paying off!!!

So it was just perfect timing that after the appointment we were off to see Hubble at the IMAX which was his reward for completing his first chart for wearing his patch. He loved the movie, though he was asking questions about every two minutes. Not much about the planets he knows, and hard for a 4 yr. old to understand galaxies, and nebulas, and dying stars, and black holes and all the other cool stuff that Hubble can see. I can hardly understand it all to explain it to him! But we had a good night out together. Now we need to find a new "prize" for when he completes his next patch chart!

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