Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Olivia is 9 months

Let's just ignore the fact the Olivia is going to be 10 months in two more days. Here are her 9 month photos! I know, I am so on the ball aren't I? But ya know, since she hasn't gained any weight in the past 4 months, she honestly looks the same, her hair just gets a tiny bit longer each month. :)

Photographing a 9 month old is lots of fun. You put them right where you want them.. and then they crawl away.

And then they notice mommy has a camera and want to get it.
And then you finally get a few good shots. See, she has not grown. Still just a little bit bigger than the bear. :)

But oh, those eyes and that little toothless grin - LOVE IT!

Tongue out, trying to escape from me again.

I know it looks like a pouty face, but really she was making noises with her lips. She likes practicing all her different noises she can make. :)

So until next know in two days, when she turns 10 months! (if I am on the ball) :)

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