Monday, March 15, 2010

Khaki's glasses

Khaki has a new pair of glasses! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before, but as I was researching a different way to patch Aidan's eye, I saw a lot of programs that sold stuffed animals with glasses. And the stuffed animals would get a patch to match the child's. So smart!

But Aidan already has two special friends, Khaki and Shorty. Khaki happens to come from the Build A Bear Workshop. I knew they sold sunglasses for the bears, but was hoping that they also sold real glasses. They did! Aidan was able to choose between "Harry Potter" glasses and these brown ones that were shaped more like his. You can see he chose the brown rectangular ones so Khaki could look like him. After we got home he said he wants to go back and get the Harry Potter ones for Shorty so he can be as handsome as Khaki and himself. :)

During patch time today I had Aidan use some markers and color a patch for himself and one for Khaki. So he was pretty excited to put his patch on today. I read somewhere in my research that a parent put a little bit of lotion on the skin before applying the patch so it wouldn't adhere to thoroughly. We tried it and it still stuck just fine and did not hurt him a bit to take off (YAY!!!!). I was so scared to put a patch on him the last two days because I did not want to rip it off his poor little face at the end of the hour. But I know it needs to be done, so I am glad this little lotion trick worked until we can get the reusable fleece patch we ordered. :)

Today he only asked once to take the patch off. I just said it wasn't time yet and he left it alone for the rest of the hour. He was very happy that Khaki was wearing a patch and glasses just like him. So happy that I thought to check for glasses at Build A Bear. They were only $4 and I had a coupon - so worth it to help my little guy!
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