Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spirits in the Gardens 2009

This afternoon we went up to Reiman Gardens to enjoy their Spirits in the Gardens. We have done it the past couple of years and think it is kind of fun. They have several mascots (Cubbie Bear, Smyles - from the Ames library) handing out candy to the kiddos. Then there are a few games (bean bag toss), a craft room, popcorn and cider, and the creepy crawly stations. We tried them all out. It ended up being a pretty nice day and I am glad we were able to go.

I felt bad I didn't really have a costume for Olivia. Luckily we have some bunny ears for our little bunny!

I wish I had this in better focus, he is just so cute! He was running through the little hay bale maze so this passing shot was amazing to get in the first place. :)

Ella was not a big fan of all the mascots, but she was more than happy to take candy out of the bowls their helpers had! She even got so into the whole taking the candy out of another bowl or bag that she mistakenly tried to take some candy out of another little kids bag that his dad was holding. Oh dear. She had Aaron carry her around while we walked by the mascots, but Aidan was giving them high fives and hugs. Must be that 2 yr old age - does NOT like mascots, as Aidan was the exact same way two years ago.

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