Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

We had so much fun today at our play group's Halloween party. We dressed up, ate pizza, made spider hats, decorated cupcakes and ate them, took a group picture, made footprint ghosts, and topped the afternoon off with a pinata. Oh, and of course took some dirt cups (Oreo, chocolate pudding and gummy worms) home for a snack for later. Thanks for a great afternoon everyone!

Dr. Ella, taking care of babies, and modeling the spider hat.

Aidan showing off his ghost footprint.

Cute little ladybug.

After finishing their cupcakes, they proceeded to use their knives to lick up every last bit of frosting before mommy took the plates away.

Aidan took some good swings at the pinata.

Ella looks like she thought it was a javelin contest. She did hold it the right way and took a good whack at it.

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