Monday, June 8, 2009

St. Louis Zoo

This past weekend we went on a family vacation down to St. Louis. Our first stop was the St. Louis Zoo. Highly recommend you check out this zoo if you are down there. It is really fun, lots of great animal exhibits and its FREE! Well, it does cost $11 to park, but admission is free. The kids had a great time.

Two of my favorite animal exhibits are the giraffes and the herpetarium. I just think it is so cool how close the giraffes are to you. Aidan and Ella liked watching them eat the grass right in front of them.

The herpetarium is really cool because they have ledges and benches that the little kids can climb up on so they can see all the snakes and lizards and turtles too. Here is Aidan checking out an alligator.

Ella liked the tortoises.

I can't believe I don't have more pictures from the zoo. Oh well. We all had a great time (minus Aidan freaking out at the penguin exhibit - they are just a little too noisy for him still I guess). Then it was off to find our hotel and start a new adventure on Saturday!
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sarahmmw said...

Looks like a fun zoo and hey $11 to park isn't bad when you take a family of FIVE ;)