Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gateway Arch

On Saturday morning we were not sure what to do, but ended up deciding just to go over to the Gateway Arch. Our hotel was right next to it so it just seemed like the right thing to do. Then we could have a more relaxing morning and get the kids back for a nap before the game that night.

How adorable are my matching boys walking over to the Arch? :)

Olivia (in sling) and mommy under the Arch.

When we were visiting the Arch we decided that everyone would go to the top except Olivia and myself. I have been to the top a few times already and was going to have to feed Olivia, so we just stayed down. While I was looking around in the gift shop I suddenly heard Aidan crying behind me. He had gotten freaked out in line waiting for the tram so Aaron had to take him out and they both missed their ride to the top. Grammy, Papa and Ella went up though. I wish I would have stayed closer to the line just in case something like that happened with Aidan so Aaron still could have gone up, but oh well.

After we were done at the Arch and went outside to take a look at the Mississippi we went and had a yummy lunch at a restaurant downtown. I wish I could remember the name of it. As we started walking back to the hotel Aidan and Ella started walking holding hands. I don't think anyone told them to do that, they just did it. It was absolutely adorable! Check out Ella's big grin as she walks with big brother. :)

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Anonymous said...

He has always been her favorite person :)
-Aunt Carrie