Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Olivia pictures

Aidan and Ella love her so much. Anytime her eyes are open they are both right next to her talking to her, wanting to hold her, and now, giving her "pound" as Aidan is doing in the first picture. :)

She must have had her little legs crossed like this inside because she is always laying like this. Well actually now she is starting to stretch out a little. I always miss these early weeks when every time you pick them up they scrunch their little legs up to their chest just like they did when they were inside my tummy. It is just so cute!

Hating her first bath in the sink.

My girls, hanging out on the couch. Couldn't get a good one with Olivia's eyes open because she would close them as soon as the first flash went off. Oh well. Still pretty cute!

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Tonya said...

I love the pound picture! What a great big brother!