Monday, June 22, 2009

Olivia is 1 month old!

Our little Olivia is 1 month old. Time just goes so fast doesn't it? Each month I plan to take a picture of Olivia with her little Cardinal's bear, named Yadi (for the catcher, Yadier Molina). I have seen this idea a few places, but my friend Tonya does it with her little girl posts it on her blog, so it has stayed fresh in my mind as something I wanted to do with Olivia. I think I will also try to get her picture with her blanket from Auntie Janelle too each month. What a fun way to watch how big she is getting! I should have taken a picture at two weeks old when we got Yadi because I think she was just slightly longer than the bear, now she is clearly taller than Yadi!

Our little bunny is still such a good girl. She has her bouts of crankiness, but usually a very good girl. Usually only wakes up about once a night, though we need to work on getting the bedtime backed up from midnight (or later some nights). In the last week or so she has started making little cooing noises, which are so fun. She has also started making those little smiley faces in her sleep, so we'll be watching for that first real smile just around the corner! I love that her little legs are crossed in that last picture because she always has her legs crossed like that when she is scrunched up. That was clearly her position in mommy's tummy.

Enjoy the new pictures of our little bunny!
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Tonya said...

I love that you're doing the stuffed animal pictures! It's so fun to look back and see how they grow. Olivia is so adorable all curled up!

Tonya said...

It looks really nice on her blanket too!

sarahmmw said...

SUCH CUTE PICTURES!!!!!!! What a bueatiful blanket, she is soooooo cute all curled up :) Which reminds me that we need to get Abby's picture from yesterday posted!!

Eric and Karen said...

adorable....I love that you are doing this!!