Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aidan's First Purchase

Last weekend while Aidan was visiting Grandma and Papa Van, they went to the bank. My parents go to a small town bank where everyone knows them. Dave is one of the guys that works at the bank and he gave Aidan and Ella a $1 gold coin each. He told them they can't keep it, they need to go spend it and stimulate the economy! Aidan asked what he could buy for a dollar so we told him he could buy a matchbox car. I talked to him last night and this morning before we went to Target to make sure he understood that to buy the car, he had to give up his coin and he would not get the coin back. He had to use it to buy the car. He said he was okay with that. So off to Target we went, picked out this lovely green oil tanker, and took it to a nice checkout lady we often see during our daytime trips to Target. He handed her the tanker to scan and she told him his total was $1.03. He did have one penny in his little baggie, but had to borrow two from mommy. He handed the nice lady the money and she handed him his oil tanker and receipt.

He is very happy with his purchase!

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Eric and Karen said...

I love that you captured this moment!