Friday, February 6, 2009

Am I breaking some sort of child labor law?

The other day I was on the computer and they kept trying to push buttons. So I went down to Aaron's office and grabbed two old keyboards. They had a lot of fun typing their own little e-mails.

Then today we went out to splash in the puddles and when Aidan came in he wanted to put his muddy hands on the back door. This was his idea of "cleaning" it. So I just gave him and Ella the tools to actually clean it. Its not a violation of child labor laws if they WANT to do it right?

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Anonymous said...

So does Ella think this is a piano or a computer keyboard? Looks like she's singing right along with the finger movement. MOM

sarahmmw said...

Could you please send them my way?!?! I could let them "play" at my house for awhile :)