Friday, February 13, 2009

The 60 degree day

So I know it just snowed 6 inches here in Ankeny, but just 3 days ago, it was 65 degrees and we were enjoying the beautiful weather by taking a walk around the neighborhood. I have been making little ribbon dancers (plastic shower curtain rings wrapped in ribbon with a long trail of ribbon) for the kids to play with and this slightly windy yet beautiful day was the perfect opportunity to try them outside. As you can see by their faces, I think they were having a pretty good time.

Yes that is Shorty the giraffe in Aidan's backpack going for a walk with us. Shorty now goes EVERYWHERE with us!

"I'm gonna get you Shorty!"

Taking a break on the front walk.

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Anonymous said...

No velcro tennies for this budding model. Ella already has the smile and attitude. Aidan at least took the medium sized stuffed animal for a BFF to haul around. MOM