Monday, January 12, 2009

Aidan's favorite website

If there are any readers out there with children just starting to learn their letters or learn to read, I have a great website for you to check out. It is called Starfall. Aidan loves this website and he has actually learned how to use the mouse and "does his letters" all by himself. He is still enjoying the first step of "Starfall ABC's" and learning to recognize the relationship between the letters and their sounds. Sometimes he wanders down to the next step, "Learn to Read" and does really well but needs more supervision to make sure he doesn't skip to the hard ones at the bottom. I highly recommend checking it out. It has all kinds of awesome stuff. Aidan had not touched a computer before this, and within two times working with him on using the mouse he now does it all on his own. He just asks, "Can I do my letters" and I pull up the website and off he goes!

I'd love to hear if you guys enjoy this site or have any other ones your kids enjoy that maybe Aidan and I should look at. :)

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Anonymous said...

If I hadn't seen him work the mouse,click and drag I would not have believed a 3 year old can do this. Grandma didn't learn the click and drag until several years ago and it doesn't always work for me yet.

Anonymous said...

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